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Dear Fellow Real Estate Enthusiast,

I started working in the real estate and mortgage industry back in 1992. I have worked as a real estate agent, real estate developer, mortgage advisor, and a real estate investor. I have also learned to spot trends in the real estate market and bring that information to the masses. That is why I have launched this web site.

I have served investor clients for years and watched them rake in HUGE PROFITS from "buying low and selling high." With foreclosures at an all time high over the past several years, I now see even more savvy investors popping up all over the place.

As a service to these clients (and wanting to enter the investment real estate market myself) I have located resources for many of the government and bank owned properties and now make them available for FREE!!! (NO CATCH - NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED)

PLEASE NOTE: Not all Free Foreclosure List sites are reputable. There are plenty of sites out there that claim to have free foreclosure lists, but most will require a credit card and hope that you do not cancel before they bill you.

Here is a sample of the institutions you will find listed:

HUD Homes

VA Homes

USDA Homes

Bank of America


Chase Bank

Countrywide Home Loans

Fannie Mae

Freddie Mac


M&T Bank

Wells Fargo


Get the Free Bank & Government Owned Real Estate (REO)Foreclosure List today and get on your way to finding your next dream home or investment property.